Me and the GlobalInternet

~About the image~

I Google it as “global internet” and found the picture above in the images. I chose it because it shows the connection between the world and the Internet. I changed the picture a little bit by using Picasa 3. To give an image of the world moving round I flipped the picture to the left and I also put a little bit of shadows. Hope to get better on using this kind of programs and create more awesome stuffs!!!

My first blog. First of all I would like to say hello and welcome everyone to my blog.

It is my first time to actually write a real blog, a blog that many people from different countries have access to it and can share opinions, experiences, stories and more.

I will give a quick introduction about myself. Well, I am a student at Temple University Japan Campus, and I chose to take CIS 0835, a class that sure will be a great experience and opportunity to share my opinions, to improve my creativity and explore other student’s work.

In this first post I am going to talk about myself and the global Internet. I was born in 1991, computers were already introduced, however, they were not as obtainable as they are now.I found an interesting website about computer history and I found that in 1991 lots of systems were introduced which made the internet way greater. For example,the HTTP, the “foundation of data communication for World Wide Web”.  (for more information I posted the link below! It is pretty fun to know what things were introduced in the year you were born :D)

Anyway, I was raised  in an environment with technology around me. I remember started playing games on the computer at the year of 7.  Later on, I use the Internet for chatting with friends on messenger, and then use it to do research and now I use it as a social networking, studies and as gaining daily information through news.  I really cannot image my life without Internet, how inconvenient will be without it.

The Internet allows me to communicate with my family and friends far away. I forgot to mentioned it but I am half Peruvian and half Japanese so, services such as Facebook, Messenger and Skype are helping  me to be in touch with my family and friends in Peru and other countries in the world.  It is also keeping me updated with the latest events and news around the world.

Listing all the benefits of the Internet will be a hard work, so I will stop here and end this first post by saying that there is lots of stuffs going on the Internet and I hope by the end of this semester to able to have a deep knowledge of what is really the Internet and its advantage and disadvantage.

I had a look at some student’s blog and for sure, there is so many students with great creativity, so I am sure I will learn from people and hope that people will learn from my works too.


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  1. lockmantuj
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 18:26:07

    This is a great first post Midori. I’m impressed with your positive attitude and desire to learn from this process. That’s what it’s all about.

    I like the way you investigated what the internet technology was like in the year were born. This was the first time for me to see the Computer Hope history page. The information there seems to be stored and presented in an inviting way. I can see myself digging through the mid 1960’s for quite a while.

    Looking forward to see your future work during the semester.


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