Alan Kay 106 Horror

Assignment:Here is my third DS 106 assignment. This time I did a Visual assignment called “106 Horror!” Sound pretty interesting, and I thought by doing this assignment I will be able to play around with  programs and learn more about them. This assignment submitted by CogDog tell us to:

create or modify an image of the number 106 that is in the genre of a horror movie.Make 106 seem scary and ominous

We are almost ending this Pioneer section, so I decided to use one of the Pioneers for this assignment and after looking at each of them, I found a picture of Alan Kay which I thought will match for this assignment

Process: As always I used Google image research to look for a matchable image.

 The picture above was the original image 

 My next step was how to combined Alan Kay and the number 106 making it  look horror. For this work I mainly used Aviary, and FotoFlexer . It was my first time to use FotoFlexer which I founded by typing image editing in Google. It was similar to Aviary in a way that you do not need to download it’s not too complicated to use it. This program have amazing tools, colors and effects so I recommend people to use it.  Especially, people that are stuck with other edit programs.

With Aviary I added the letters and numbers using a font that will give an horror impression. After playing with it for about 20 minutes I ended up having a pretty scary image. After I started to look for new programs and I found FotoFlexer. I just downloaded the image that I had already and start to try some amazing tools that they have. I used ink splotches because I thought it will give more horror to my image.

This time surprisingly took me only 30 minutes which shows that each time I complete an assignment, I am getting better of using edit programs

Story: First of all, I  just want to mention that I have nothing against Alan Kay hahaha. I am mentioning this because of the phrase mention in the image “Alan Killer”. Well I wanted to make a horror image, and using the initials of the Pioneer, I realized the K for Kay will give a scary image if a transform it  into Killer. Now, I will give a story of the original picture. I went back to Google images and find this picture. Then I clicked to take me to the page where it was originally.On 28 January 2010, Alan Kay was awarded honorary doctorates by the University of Murcia for his contributions to the development of the personal computer and object-oriented programming. In the ceremony he wore the clothing above and present a speech which I found a Youtube video of it posted below. Sorry I couldn’t find an English version, however from 3:58, show the speech of Alan Kay although it last only few minutes.

in the last 10 years, Alan Kay has received many awards and recognitions such as the one in Murcia University, or one in 2009 from Kyoto University.


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