A Whole New World

Hey guys! Here is my first DS106 assignment for this 3rd section :))

I decided first to go for one of the visual assignments called “A Whole New World” I read the instructions and sounded fun and easy to do it !

Here are the instructions:

“Take a picture of your subject (grandparents, pet, yourself) and put it into a totally different background in which they appear abnormally too small or too large. Think of Honey, we shrunk the kids…”


Step1 First I looked on Flicker a good picture that I can use for this assignment

Step2 Then I looked on my iPhone, a matachable picture

Step3 With Picasa 3 I changed a little bit the colors of each picture

Step4 Then with FotoFlexer, I edited the second picture of myself by cutting down and then put it on the other picture

Step5 With FotoFlexer, I used the effect called “old photo” to give the picture a better look, a old look

and DONE!:)

Story: Here I am going to put the pictures of my process

The original ones





Recently, I’ve been drinking too much capucchino that I think I got addicted to it. I used to hate coffee but I started drinking it since last year as they keep me awake. So usually when I wanted to keep awake all night to study I drink coffe or capucchino. But now I’m drinking it too much that the effect has weaken 😛

Anyways, I love to play around and edit pictures. This was the first time to cut a particular part within the pictuer (in this case, myself) and put it into another picure. It was really fun and so easy to do it.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chocolatefrosst
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 23:15:14

    NIce pic! I can see the effect coffee seems to have on you! 😉


  2. ★YUKA★
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 15:45:00

    as if you can swim in coffee<3


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