KONY 2012

“KONY 2012”

Here I am going to provide some information and show the reaction of people towards the campaign “KONY 2012” and to show the power of social media. I am going to use the arcitle  The Kony 2012 Scam And Why You Should STOP Supporting ‘Invisible Children’ to show the negative side of this campaign which I agree with it.

Introduction of the campaign “KONY 2012”

 “KONY 2012” is a campaigned held by the non-profit organization Invisible Children

                                    Their goal


The co-founder of the Invisible Children organization, Jason Russell, was the diractor and narrator  of the film documentary of 30 minutes long where they show the situation of children in Uganda . Also to encourage people, especially young people to support the organization by expreading the video through websites such as Facebook and Twitter. They also introduce the social media strategy that consist of targeting enlist politicians and celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

So, Who is Joseph Kony?

The leader of LRA which stands for Lord’s Resistance Army. According to the film documentary, he basically kidnap children making boys  into soldiers and girls into sex slaves. They also mentioned that Kony make children kill their own parents.

So, Joseph Kony is a dangerous man who need to be captured to stop him kidnapping children and killing them. When you see the documentary you get really emotional towards the issue and it encourages you to support them. So, most people decide to share it and here is the reaction in number for each social media


According to The Times in only four days, the Invisible Children 30 minutes film documentary obtained 40 million  views on Youtube. in only 4 days!!!

This is a data from March 16th, 14:20


So the yellow circle is how many people talk about the issue, the red circle is their total “Likes” and the Blue one is chart showing the growth for each.

In its Youtube Channel, they have  79,385,169 views right now, and on Twittwer site, they have 417,668 followers

Here is a chart from a guy on twitter that posted showing how many twitts obtained in only 3 days

About the article

The article The Kony 2012 Scam And Why You Should STOP Supporting ‘Invisible Children’ firstly mention how people share and support the organization just by watching the 30 minutes film documentary without doing any research or learn more about what is really going on in Uganda and the situation over there. I completely agree with that because when I finished watching the video I realized the they lack of information about the isuue. So I decided to watch some other youtube videos of local people’s reaction towards the film and other articles. I realized that Invisible Children simplified the issue too much. There is a civil war going on there and the issue of Kony is a small part of the civil war.So the article argues that even if we are able to capture Kony the situation is going to have only a slight change. Also it mentions that as most of the army of Kony are children, to capture Kony, most probably you will have to kill the victims children, So this issue is so much complicated than the films shows.

other issues that the article talks about are:

-The LRA is only 250 soldiers strong at this point.
-The LRA hasn’t been in Uganda since 2006

Acually some of the scenes in the film are situationof 6 years ago. The situation now in Uganda has change extremely in good way and so many children have access to school

-Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting.

So the Invisible Children organization supports the local army. So basically if you are supporting the organization you are supporting the army that commits rape and looting

Also people do not really know where they are money is going and seems like most of them do not really care

according to the article

-Only 32% of money raised went to direct services (if you support the issue you may want to choose a more worthwhile charity).

The rest goes to the transportation fee for the members  film making fees and activities fees

I learned that it is easily nowadays to influence large number of people by making a well-film documentary because you have the social media. The rest is just up to the users to spread it in a couple of days by clicking one button. Do not get me wrong, I think the situation is critical and that Kony need to stopped  but I think this is not a intelligence way to do it. I was kind of concern how young people just do not research more about the topic having the access to the Internet.


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  1. lockmantuj
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 22:37:39

    Your approach to looking for additional information is a thoughtful and mature way to deal with this matter. One of the things we can learn from this episode is that a great many people are easily persuaded by emotional appeals.


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