Before blogging about my answer here are the instructions for the Pop Quiz:

Choose the sentence from the first five paragraphs of Gardner Camppbell’s Personal Cyberinfrastructure essay that most appeals to you. Briefly describe how and why that sentence appeals to you (one or two paragraphs should suffice-unless you need more) 


I particularly think that the sentence in the 5th paragraph appeals to me:

“Yet higher education largely failed to empower the strong and effective imaginations that students need for creative citizenship in this new medium.”

Especially the part that is in bold.


Well I think creativity is really important for a high education. It helps you to develop ideas and find solutions as well as interact with people easily and get use to work in group. Unfortunately most school’s in Japan do not put too much effort on creativity based on my experience. I went to Britain for 10 months when I was in high school and it was so easy to compare the education in Britain and Japan. At high school in Britain students are given more group work presentations and things that will give you the chance to use your creativity and share it with people. On the contrary in Japan you barely see a teacher that gives you group works or even is rare see a student using the computer to do a school work.

Since I started to study in TUJ it was really difficult to adapt to this new system but at the same time I really like it because is helping me to develop my creativity and become more sociable. And of course since I took this course I discovered some abilities of myself that I didn’t even imagine I had it. So I agree with the article that argues that higher education lack of creativity. Based on my experience I think that for your future (both your personal life and profession) it is better if students have the chance more to be creative.


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  1. lockmantuj
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 18:54:46

    I underlined the words you marked in bold when I first read the article too. I like the way you’ve explained your thinking in the rest of your response.


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