My Own Creation

This is my second DS106 assignment for this third section 🙂

I was looking the cartegory of dessign  assignments and I found an assignment that fascinated me and definetely wanted to try it.

It is called “Design Your Dream Animal” submitted by Danielle.

Create a brand new animal, using animal parts from no less than 4 animals. Be creative! When you animal is designed, create an environment for it! Have fun!



Look for a photo from Flickr and Google Image

Using FotoFlexer I cut a certain body part of each animal

Then I put it together

Using the image editor from my computer I added the backgroud color



Well, I wanted to try this because it sounded really fun mixing 4 animals creating one animal from it. So, I started using an elephant but didnt go well and I kind of didnt like how it was going on. Therefore, I used an image that I saw on my PC that I used it before which I thought will be perfect as it shows clearly the face. I used my favorite animals, lion, eagle, elephant and a frog. Althogh the frog is the only animal that I dont like. Actually I kind of dislike them.Also I wanted to add a environmental image as a background. But I am going to show the face of an animal I thought it will be akward so I choose a simple background.

Here is the original animals and if you click the image they will take you to the actually website where I found them.








I really had fun doing this assignment and kind of like what I created. Searching for  photos of animals I found so many beautiful animals and I wish I could see them. But unforunetely I do not like going to zoo because I kind of feel sad and bad when I see animals without their freedom. In my opinion the animals should be free and the animals that are in the zoo dont seem free and as they are trained, I assume that they differ from the animals that live in a completely freedom. I would like to take a trip where I can see animals enjoying their freedom.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ★YUKA★
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 15:37:17

    hahaha!!!! weird animal but interesting.
    It may born like this animal in the future.LOL


  2. ekhlami
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 22:21:15

    Somehow, this is oddly cute. I don’t get it. Still, I kind of want one. *Grin*


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