Privacy and Surveillance

Last section me and my group members did a presentation about privacy on the net .Well I got interested on the topic so I decided to have a look at the articles of Privacy and Surveillance .The tittle The end of online privacy got my complete attention .After reading the whole article I realized I was familiar with the issue .Well I think most of us had experienced once so that is why I choose this article .

Basically this article talks about how Phone applications such as Facebook are able to get our personal and our contacts informations .The article starts with a message from the app that Im sure that most of use have seen it before

“Find your friends?”

Well recently I just remembered that I downloaded an app called “Draw Something”  and they recommend me to sing up my Facebook and that word came up .Anyways the purpose for “FInd your friends” is as it says they help you to contact friends from other social network .I assume that most of people click “OK” button Well actually I always do.But here is the scary thing that the article reveals .


They introduce a case where a Indian researcher investigates what happen when you accepting finding your friends. As a result the researcher reveal that “It was uploading the entire contents of your address book-names emails phone numbers-to the app servers” Well when I read this I was really scared to just imagine in how many apps I give my information. In a survey of 15 developers of popular iOS apps they found that 13 of them have access to millions people’s personal information . After revealing all of this horrible situation the article mentioned that the purpose for having our information is not to share it to the public but it helps them to connect the user to their friends and community. And the article goes on introducing other cases about online privacyWell the article does not give any solution for this well as the tittle mentioned it is the end of online privacy you do not have privacy anymore

So In my opinion one way of secure yourself at least a little is that if you are going to share to information with the app at least have to be a well-known app.I am sure there are more people that does not know about this issue and I think this is wrong If you going to have our information at least we  the users have the write to be aware of it right? The social network has become really a convenient tool but at the same time a dangerous one too You need to know how to use it if you want to secure yourself .


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  1. lockmantuj
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 22:40:35

    I think you drew an important and valuable lesson from reading the article. I think a great many of these things are designed primarily to get information on us and our contacts for some sort of database and market research. The features the App provides are almost secondary.

    You say we should only give our information to trusted Apps. The only question/problem I have with this is how do we know which apps to trust?


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