Vice Online Presentation

Here I am blogging about the Presentation of Vice Online

I listened to 3 presentations, one from Alison about Student in Rutgers cyberbullying trial: ‘Overwhelmed’ by aftermathanother one from Delilah, about Pornography- A Gateway to Human Sex Trafficking,  and one from Nick about  U.S Poker Ban affects Mi llions.

This presentation was kind of interesting because I learned about from different topics about vice online


It was suprising about the guy that suicide because his roomate posted a video of  him having a sexual encounter with another men. Well I have seen some cyber bullying in Japan when I was in junior high school. Most of Japanese girls write blogs and share with their friends and school mates. I have read some girls that write nasty stuff about other girls revealing their  personal information. It seems that  cyber buylling is everywhere and it is easy to spread it to many people at the same time. Well I think that the guy did not have to get to that extend ending his life. But I do think that the punishment should be more strict as she only got  “a three-year program on cyberbullying, as well as 300 hours of community services without any additional legal troubles”


About the issue of Pornography, I was suprise how people especialy young children, get seriously addicted to it. How they spend all of their time pretending “studying” Regarding adults I do not have so much comment about it. But I am concern how children from their young age start to get addicted to those stuffs. In my opinion I think that the government should be more strict about the issue and try not to allow children to watch. Or educate parents to watch what their children are doing with computers or even at school to teach people how dangerous an addiction can be.


Finally the third presentation was a about poker online game that got shut down by the U.S government. I firstly did not know such websites existed and that a website game can be considered to be a business for some people. It is crazy how people loose money on that and even some have that as a job. However only in the US is  prohibited. There are so many countries around the world that allow people to put their money  in online poker.


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