Imagine myself and the society in 2022

Here is my blog post for this fourth section

After watching the vide of Bryan Alexander The Visible College: Four Futures for Higher Education of 1 hour and 30 minutes long、I started to think how our future or our next generation’s education is going to be like.

The requirement for this blogpost was to

Choose one of Alexnader’s four views of higher education in 20122 (this part of begins at the 37th minute of talk) and image how life will be in such a society.Since you will most likely to be finished with university by then、I’d like you to talk about imagined personal and professional life. You will have to build from Alexander’s model how society as a whole might be under the particular future scenario you choose


So to make this blog easier to read I am going to divided into two sections.First、I will talk about how I imagine myself and the second section will be about how I imagine the society involve in this particular change.Well I think is time to mentioning which scenario I chose.

There were four scenerios

1) Phanton Learning

2)The Lost of Decade


4) Reneissance

Which I found most interesting was the Phantom Learning.

(From Google Image )

Alexander Bryan’s presentation was mainly about the future of 2022.How in 2022 higher education is going to be like with the technology.Also how the society is going to be like.In the four scenarios he depicts positives and negatives views and how technology is going to be used in the next 20 years.

Phantom Learning: Mainly he described two views.fewer schools with distant education and plenty information provided.more online classes and most public schools will tend to be with AR layers

1) Firs I am going to imagine myself in the future of 2022.Most probably I will be graduated by then and have a job.However、for me learning is something is will never end.I imagine myself using computers and sites that I never imagine to be accessible to learn and share my ideas.Keep in touch with people through the social networking is a useful tool for my future.Knowing more people discovering other people’s thoughts and learning how the society and technology is changing will be a challenge for me.I imagine myself participating in online classes or watching other’s people’s presentations online.What I imagine is that students taking higher education do some project work with people from all over the world and share it to the public.Not only their classmates or students can learn but also adults that can learn from it as well.Also、it will be nice to have some online classes for adults that graduated so they can share information and at the same time help and advice students who is preparing to be a working member of the society.As I started to like taking pictures and share it to the public、I also imagine myself using my free time to take pictures and share it to the public.Also using the social media、I can make a group of people that have same interest and do some activities in the weekends.All for me seems so positive and improving communications among people will increase in my prediction.Nowadays I know that we can have access to people’s work but what I mean here、is something more beyond that.You can listen to lectures just like Scott used to do it in the beginning of the semester.Actually this ideas are starting to put on practice and some colleges have introduced them.In my opinion、as the time goes by more colleges will enter and eventually this system of phantom learning will spread all over the world.To conclude this section、for me in the year 2022 will be my opportunity to keep learning more and have access to higher education people’s work more easily and directly.

2) Now my view from the society.With this type of learning higher education students will have the opportunity to go outside classes and do projects.Using navigations and GPS、they even can have an online presentation showing the actual place、something like a documentary.Also if the online libraries become more widespread、more people will have the access to books and articles.Also what I was imagine is that you can even put feedbacks about the book so when other person is going to read to can have an idea of what the book is going to be or can share its opinion.People will become more educated and will use the technology as a educational tool.The society as a whole will be more connected and there will be plenty information about million kinds of topics.Also、creativity among people will increase.Companies can have more online discussions and meetings.Maybe to improve the quality of its product、consumers can take part of the meetings as an audience and share ideas.

All seems really positive、I am not going to say that everything eventually will become through online.But maybe face-to-face interactions between people will decrease.And I think、is this a really good thing? is it really good thing to rely on the technology ?  I have never done online classes、but in the near future I will like to have some、and see the positives and negatives side of it.If this way of learning spreads out and has a positive signs、in my opinion、it will make people’s life much easier and more fun.As I said learning for me continues for ever and the Phantom learning scenario that Alexander Bryan gives is a good way to get involve and continue to learn.As for the higher education in 2022、students will have a harder work as higher creativity and higher knowledge of technology will be needed but that will help the society to improve its education level


Children’s Book ~Cyberinfrastructure~

Assignment: For my second DS106 assignment I was required to choose a section that I never done it before.Therefore I choose the “mashup assignment” because I found the perfect assignment to use.It is called Mashup Children’s Book 


Mashup a children’s book based on another cultural artifact. For example, framing Dr. Who as a children’s book in the aesthetic of a Dr. Suess’s work. See example from College Humor here:

I decided to do this assignment as in the SOS section is mainly about our society’s future with technology.I did not wanted to change the topic so I decided to do something related with this section.And my target here are children.This is another reason why I choose the mashup of children’s book.I wanted to give the readers the idea of this assignment for me.


Google Image 


Cut and put together two pictures

Add the comic effect to the picture


I am going to write about the relation between the picture I made mashing up these two pictures and the article called Personal Infrastructure 


I tried to depict the future of kids as have the control over technology.By control I mean that people will know what is the technology about.They will make use of it as effectively as possible  and will become an expert on it.However to be able to do that oneself need to work on it building its own cyberinfrastructure.The article written by Garden Campbell tell us this.Building a personal cyberinfrastructure is not easy.Campbell claimed that revolution in teaching and learning is happening and will continue to happened.For my understanding、more class online will be a great example for this and this revolution cannot be happened if each person does not build its own cyberinfrastructure.To do something you have to be able to understand it well-deeply and thoughtfully.Campbell requires students to have a technical skills and engage in works that contains social networking、knowledge management and more.What I think is important in this、is that understanding technology and dominate it is far from what I thought it will be.My purpose of using the Internet was to listening music、watch videos、social networking and those kinds of entertainments.However、I realized that I do not even know the half of what is technology all about.To be able to understanding I have to actually get involve in it and experience it.What can you depict from the future above? It can be many interpretations.As I mentioned it depicts the future of kids nowadays.Also it shows how in the future people will get more into the technology and eventually will try to dominate it.Another interpretation that I have not mention it yet、its that it can depict the future of a professional with technology.To be more clear、no matter what profession you are engage in、technology will be always there.Just like I learned about the DS106 there is more to learn and more things to discover.Most of us have access to this technology but our understanding is limited.

Future Learning

My First assignment for the forth section

This time I chose an assignment from the Visual Assignment through this semester I really enjoyed doing visual assignments I enjoyed playing around with pictures and learn a lot of how to use an editing program

As I wanted to do something relating this course and this section I choose the assignment called Show Us Your Dream!!!

Here are the instructions:

Through this assignment, you get an opprtunity to show your dream. Bring any picture that yow want, but the photo must relate something to represent or connect your dream: job, plan etc… It does not have to be a one deream. You can choose and put more than one dream.
Be creative !!

 Well I have several dreams and I would like to introduce the a kind of a dream but I think it would be better to describe it as something I want to experience it

First the process:

I looked at Flicker but could not find any picture that I wanted to use so I went to Google Image and found these two pictures

Then with FotoFlexer I cut the earth part and put it together with the first picture

Story: This was a really simple picture and process however this depiction is exactly what I wanted to say .

I am talking about here a near future rather than a future after graduating from university. What I learned in these 3 month on the class of CIS made me realize how technology is advancing and there can be better way of learning. What I want to say is why not using the Internet to interact with other people around the world to share ideas works and learn more form each other? Just like the DS106. This is a good way of starting. Not only because you can show to your work to other but also others can learn from you can give you advices to improve your work. I really enjoyed doing the The Daily Create because I found really fun to take a pictures of daily things、things that I would have never thought of taking. Therefore I think that the idea of share ideas and learn not only from people in your college but from other college in another country is a really great idea. I would love to take another class that have interactions with people around the world. The video of Bryan Alexander was really influential for me. Nowadays we have Skype Messenger Google Document and many other programs where it has become easily to share information and possible to make any kind of presentation using programs such as Powerpoint or Prezi. Well my main point in here is that for my future I would like to see a global education that allows people to share with other people from all over the world through the Internet 🙂