Children’s Book ~Cyberinfrastructure~

Assignment: For my second DS106 assignment I was required to choose a section that I never done it before.Therefore I choose the “mashup assignment” because I found the perfect assignment to use.It is called Mashup Children’s Book 


Mashup a children’s book based on another cultural artifact. For example, framing Dr. Who as a children’s book in the aesthetic of a Dr. Suess’s work. See example from College Humor here:

I decided to do this assignment as in the SOS section is mainly about our society’s future with technology.I did not wanted to change the topic so I decided to do something related with this section.And my target here are children.This is another reason why I choose the mashup of children’s book.I wanted to give the readers the idea of this assignment for me.


Google Image 


Cut and put together two pictures

Add the comic effect to the picture


I am going to write about the relation between the picture I made mashing up these two pictures and the article called Personal Infrastructure 


I tried to depict the future of kids as have the control over technology.By control I mean that people will know what is the technology about.They will make use of it as effectively as possible  and will become an expert on it.However to be able to do that oneself need to work on it building its own cyberinfrastructure.The article written by Garden Campbell tell us this.Building a personal cyberinfrastructure is not easy.Campbell claimed that revolution in teaching and learning is happening and will continue to happened.For my understanding、more class online will be a great example for this and this revolution cannot be happened if each person does not build its own cyberinfrastructure.To do something you have to be able to understand it well-deeply and thoughtfully.Campbell requires students to have a technical skills and engage in works that contains social networking、knowledge management and more.What I think is important in this、is that understanding technology and dominate it is far from what I thought it will be.My purpose of using the Internet was to listening music、watch videos、social networking and those kinds of entertainments.However、I realized that I do not even know the half of what is technology all about.To be able to understanding I have to actually get involve in it and experience it.What can you depict from the future above? It can be many interpretations.As I mentioned it depicts the future of kids nowadays.Also it shows how in the future people will get more into the technology and eventually will try to dominate it.Another interpretation that I have not mention it yet、its that it can depict the future of a professional with technology.To be more clear、no matter what profession you are engage in、technology will be always there.Just like I learned about the DS106 there is more to learn and more things to discover.Most of us have access to this technology but our understanding is limited.


Future Learning

My First assignment for the forth section

This time I chose an assignment from the Visual Assignment through this semester I really enjoyed doing visual assignments I enjoyed playing around with pictures and learn a lot of how to use an editing program

As I wanted to do something relating this course and this section I choose the assignment called Show Us Your Dream!!!

Here are the instructions:

Through this assignment, you get an opprtunity to show your dream. Bring any picture that yow want, but the photo must relate something to represent or connect your dream: job, plan etc… It does not have to be a one deream. You can choose and put more than one dream.
Be creative !!

 Well I have several dreams and I would like to introduce the a kind of a dream but I think it would be better to describe it as something I want to experience it

First the process:

I looked at Flicker but could not find any picture that I wanted to use so I went to Google Image and found these two pictures

Then with FotoFlexer I cut the earth part and put it together with the first picture

Story: This was a really simple picture and process however this depiction is exactly what I wanted to say .

I am talking about here a near future rather than a future after graduating from university. What I learned in these 3 month on the class of CIS made me realize how technology is advancing and there can be better way of learning. What I want to say is why not using the Internet to interact with other people around the world to share ideas works and learn more form each other? Just like the DS106. This is a good way of starting. Not only because you can show to your work to other but also others can learn from you can give you advices to improve your work. I really enjoyed doing the The Daily Create because I found really fun to take a pictures of daily things、things that I would have never thought of taking. Therefore I think that the idea of share ideas and learn not only from people in your college but from other college in another country is a really great idea. I would love to take another class that have interactions with people around the world. The video of Bryan Alexander was really influential for me. Nowadays we have Skype Messenger Google Document and many other programs where it has become easily to share information and possible to make any kind of presentation using programs such as Powerpoint or Prezi. Well my main point in here is that for my future I would like to see a global education that allows people to share with other people from all over the world through the Internet 🙂

Haiku It Up!

{An image from Flickr }

Assignment: Here is my last DS 106 assignment, which is from the writting category: Haiku It Up! by Takeru Terajima

Here as the instructions

For the writing assignment, take a random Dailyshoot photograph and create a haiku using that image. Let the image inspire you to create a poetic haiku. Don’t know what a haiku is? The most common form for Haiku is three short lines. The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables. Haiku doesn’t rhyme

It has been a long time that I dont create a Haiku. I think the last time I made one was in junior high school so, around 5 years ago. And this time I wanted to create something that connects with a topic of F.A.L.O, so this time I choose Malware.

Here is my Haiku


The translation is

It is dangerours
Defend yourself

Process: It is simple, overviewing what I learn on the presentaion of Malware, I created that three phareses and then I translated into English

Story: Here I am going to talk about a little of two presenters-one from Natasha, Home Computer Security and from Kristie An Understanding of Malware. First I did not know malware meant. I learnt that Malware is a term to discribe milacious computer software that damage your computer. There is so many kinds of malwares and each has different effects, some more dameging than others. Examples, can be malware that steal your information. According to both presenters, it is easy to prevent being attacked by malware, therefore, they introduced some ways to prevent from them. It is easy, you need to do things such as change your password constantly but choose a password difficult to guesss. Other things can be dowload anti-virus softwares, make backups of value information. I have been using computers since I was young, And I have being attacked by virus destroying my computer. So in total I think at least 5 computers were destroyed because of virus. and others got slow so I just bought another one. To that is why I make that Haiku. To prevent being attacked by Malware, you need to understand how dangerous it is and defend yourself.

My Own Creation

This is my second DS106 assignment for this third section 🙂

I was looking the cartegory of dessign  assignments and I found an assignment that fascinated me and definetely wanted to try it.

It is called “Design Your Dream Animal” submitted by Danielle.

Create a brand new animal, using animal parts from no less than 4 animals. Be creative! When you animal is designed, create an environment for it! Have fun!



Look for a photo from Flickr and Google Image

Using FotoFlexer I cut a certain body part of each animal

Then I put it together

Using the image editor from my computer I added the backgroud color



Well, I wanted to try this because it sounded really fun mixing 4 animals creating one animal from it. So, I started using an elephant but didnt go well and I kind of didnt like how it was going on. Therefore, I used an image that I saw on my PC that I used it before which I thought will be perfect as it shows clearly the face. I used my favorite animals, lion, eagle, elephant and a frog. Althogh the frog is the only animal that I dont like. Actually I kind of dislike them.Also I wanted to add a environmental image as a background. But I am going to show the face of an animal I thought it will be akward so I choose a simple background.

Here is the original animals and if you click the image they will take you to the actually website where I found them.








I really had fun doing this assignment and kind of like what I created. Searching for  photos of animals I found so many beautiful animals and I wish I could see them. But unforunetely I do not like going to zoo because I kind of feel sad and bad when I see animals without their freedom. In my opinion the animals should be free and the animals that are in the zoo dont seem free and as they are trained, I assume that they differ from the animals that live in a completely freedom. I would like to take a trip where I can see animals enjoying their freedom.

A Whole New World

Hey guys! Here is my first DS106 assignment for this 3rd section :))

I decided first to go for one of the visual assignments called “A Whole New World” I read the instructions and sounded fun and easy to do it !

Here are the instructions:

“Take a picture of your subject (grandparents, pet, yourself) and put it into a totally different background in which they appear abnormally too small or too large. Think of Honey, we shrunk the kids…”


Step1 First I looked on Flicker a good picture that I can use for this assignment

Step2 Then I looked on my iPhone, a matachable picture

Step3 With Picasa 3 I changed a little bit the colors of each picture

Step4 Then with FotoFlexer, I edited the second picture of myself by cutting down and then put it on the other picture

Step5 With FotoFlexer, I used the effect called “old photo” to give the picture a better look, a old look

and DONE!:)

Story: Here I am going to put the pictures of my process

The original ones





Recently, I’ve been drinking too much capucchino that I think I got addicted to it. I used to hate coffee but I started drinking it since last year as they keep me awake. So usually when I wanted to keep awake all night to study I drink coffe or capucchino. But now I’m drinking it too much that the effect has weaken 😛

Anyways, I love to play around and edit pictures. This was the first time to cut a particular part within the pictuer (in this case, myself) and put it into another picure. It was really fun and so easy to do it.


6Songs Mixup


Hey guys! So here is my last DS106 assignment for this second section!

For the first time I am going to do an audio assignment. This time, I choose the assignment called ” Songs Mixup”

Basically, in the instructions tell us to:

Get short pieces from 6 different songs and put them into once piece. Can you identify all 6 songs?

So here it is!

So, were you able to identify all 6 songs? I am going to put the answers on the story section for this post


First, I choose songs that have different rhythms. After, I downloaded Audacity, a  free audito editor and recorder. It was not that difficult and took me less than 30 minutes to finish editing it. Simply I cut the part that I wanted to use and then put all of them together through the process of cutting, copying and pasting. Then, I recorded using Soundcloud and DONEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂 Approximately 3 secods for each song. So it is a little bit hard trying to figure out the song’s name.


1.  TURBULANCE by Steve Aoki featuring Lil Jon

2.  WHERE THEM GIRLS AT by David Guetta featuring Avicii

3. IT GIRL by Jason Derulo

4. WITHOUT YOU by David Guetta featuring Usher


6. DOMINO by Jessie J

I enjoyed doing this assignment, because I could listen  to my favorite musics and relax a little bit. My favorite song from the listed songs in here, is the second one, David Guetta featuring Avicii, Where them girls at! The first and secon song were hard to identify in my opinion.

so how many songs did you get right?

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Assignment: Here is my first Ds106 assignment for section 2, the State of Net. To be honest, I was so into other works that I haven’t touch or even look at the DS106 assignment for several days, so I was kind of excited to play around editing pictures again. However, the assignment I choose didn’t required any editation or anything. I’ve chosen to go for the Visualize That Quote from the Visual Assignments.

Submitted by John Johnston, this assignment tell us to:

illustrate/explain the quote in pictures with the least number of pictures required
you can drag to re-order, click pic to swap, x remove pic, – hide pic leave word.

Although, he provided a link to look at quotes, I decided to use Brainy Quotes as I have been using from the beggining of this course and I feel more confident with it.

Process: Very simple process, I had in my mind to use Steve Job a well recognized pioneer, Steve Jobs. Therefore, right away, I looked for a simple and short quote that don’t have much letters such as ‘a’ ‘or’ ‘is’. So I found the perfect quote,


Then, with Flickr , I started to look for pictures that matchs each words. Most of the previous assignments images were found on Google Image , s this was my first time to look pictures from Flickr and took my a little bit to get to know the service. I had some problems with saving images from Flickr, some I did figured out how to save it, but some pictures unfortunetely couldn’t save it so I looked for others that actually I could save. Then, using FotoFlexer I create a frame for each picture and that’s it :D!

Story: Personally, this quote has become one of my favorites. I couldn’t find any official information about what message Steve Jobs tried to tell people by mentioning it. But this quote was mentioned at the end of his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. I read the whole speech from an article provided by Stanford University’News. An in the lest paragraph, I found that “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” was a farewell message from the Whole Earth Catalog. The Whole Earth Catalog, also known as the “Bible of Steve Jobs”, was published twice a your between 1968-1972, (also, occasionally from 1972-1998). with independent and countercultural that aimed to provide education and access, through a listing of resources and tools within a critical and ecological future of Earth and humanity. After mentioning the quote, Steve Jobs ended his speech by saying : And I have always wished that for myself. ANd now, as you graduate to begin a new, I wish that for you. 

My interpretation of this quote is as follow :

Always remain hungry for what you really want, meaning that keep wanting stuffs and become a fool in order to achieve what you want meaning that never think that you know enough.

So, what is your interpretation?