Midori to ExtraordinaMidori

Just realized I haven’t done any DS106 assignments in a while….:O


My second assignment is from the Visual assignment called Normal to Extraordinary

The instructions  tell us to :

¨Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by side for comparison.¨

I changed a little bit the instructions, because at 01 am (the time I was doing this assignment) no one, no friends were around me, so I just used an old picture of myself for this assignment


First I looked for an old picture of myself. So, I went to Orkut, a social networking similar to Facebook where I have pictures of myself when I was 16 years old 🙂

So, This is the one that I decided to use :

The reason is because, I wanted a picture that shows clearly my face so I can do some interesting stuffs with my face LOL

For this assignment I used the image editor,  FotoFlexer. First I added the patchwork effect!

Then, I changed the main color to green!!!! And the reason I choose green its simple because of my name…Midori… LOL. Anyways, after that I made it colorful even more

Well, yeah I was not happy with the result, so I played around a little bit and when I added the Fresco effect it became cooler!!!!!!


This picture was taken by myself when I was 16 years old. Yeah, I just remembered that at that time, I used to love take picture of myself just for fun LOL

Looking at this old picture made me realized that I haven’t changed that much :O

About the assignment, I really enjoyed playing around with the colors and see how my picture makes an extraordinary changes by just adding effects. It took me less than 30 minutes. Well, this assignment is simple so I could have make it in…maybe 15 minutes but, I don’t know, I think I was so into this, that took me 30 minutes to finish it.


TDC31-Going to sleep!-

Going to sleep! by rdm1924g
Going to sleep!, a photo by rdm1924g on Flickr.

TDC tell us to “create a phograph that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life”

This is my favorite and happiest moment:D After having a long tiring day, all I wanna do its just lie down while listening music til I fall asleep:)

TDC19-Downside Up → Upside Down-

Downside Up → Upside Down by rdm1924g
Downside Up → Upside Down, a photo by rdm1924g on Flickr.

Today’s Daily Create is to:

Make a photo upside down that is never seen that way.

The first thing that came to my mind was taking a picture of me doing standhand and rotate it. I tried to do it several times but fail hehe. So, I asked my boyfriend to help me with this and here it is. I took a picture of him doing standhand and then with my iPhone I rotated it:)

TDC 27 -Train Sounds-

Today’s Daily Create is Photography 😀 Before taking this class my pictures were mostly of people and myself, however now I enjoy taking pictures of objects, buildings, sky and more!!

Basically for this assignment I had to:

“Take a picture that represents or expresses something loud “

The picture above was taken from my balcony. I live in the 13th floor so the view is pretty nice and its 5 minutes walk from the station. Very nice and convenient location but the worst thing that I hate about it, is the sound of the train. Since I am living here for 10 years, I am finally use to the sound, but I remember the first 3 month….OMG! it was hard to adapt at the sound, specially at night when it was quite and I was trying to sleep, suddenly this chugga chugga sound… Even if I close the windows or I am watching television or listening to music I can still hear it. Well, this is a picture that I think expresses loud!

TDC28 -TUJ’s Cafeteria-

Hey everybody! Here is my first Daily Create assignment!

Today’s TDC tells us to:

Record the sound of something that gives you comfort, or makes you feel safe. 

I hope everyone enjoys it 😀

I decided to record the various sounds of TUJ’s students in the cafeteria because, during hazardous events such as the earthquake and typhoon I was located here.

In those situations, I was surrounded by my friends similar to those in the recording.