TDC Week 1

February 3rd – February 10th

TDC28 -TUJ’s Cafeteria-

Hey everybody! Here is my first Daily Create assignment!

Today’s TDC tells us to:

Record the sound of something that gives you comfort, or makes you feel safe.

I hope everyone enjoys it 😀

I decided to record the various sounds of TUJ’s students in the cafeteria because, during hazardous events such as the earthquake and typhoon I was located here.

TDC27 -Train Sound-

Today’s Daily Create is Photography 😀 Before taking this class my pictures were mostly of people and myself, however now I enjoy taking pictures of objects, buildings, sky and more!!

Basically for this assignment I had to:

“Take a picture that represents or expresses something loud “

The picture above was taken from my balcony. I live in the 13th floor so the view is pretty nice and its 5 minutes walk from the station. Very nice and convenient location but the worst thing that I hate about it, is the sound of the train. Since I am living here for 10 years, I am finally use to the sound, but I remember the first 3 month….OMG! it was hard to adapt at the sound, specially at night when it was quite and I was trying to sleep, suddenly this chugga chugga sound… Even if I close the windows or I am watching television or listening to music I can still hear it. Well, this is a picture that I think expresses loud!

TDC29 -Upside down→Downside Up-

Downside Up → Upside Down by rdm1924g
Downside Up → Upside Down, a photo by rdm1924g on Flickr.

Today’s Daily Create is to:

Make a photo upside down that is never seen that way.

The first thing that came to my mind was taking a picture of me doing standhand and rotate it. I tried to do it several times but fail hehe. So, I asked my boyfriend to help me with this and here it is. I took a picture of him doing standhand and then with my iPhone I rotated it:)

TDC31 -Going to Sleep!-

Going to sleep! by rdm1924g
Going to sleep!, a photo by rdm1924g on Flickr.

TDC tell us to “create a phograph that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life”

This is my favorite and happiest moment:D After having a long tiring day, all I wanna do its just lie down while listening music til I fall asleep:)


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