Final Exam Practical Activity

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Instructions for this activity:

The chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education (IBE) is trying to decide whether CIS0835 should continue next semester or be terminated.The IBE has asked for your opinion 、as a recent student of the class、 as to what to do.Please write a persuasive letter to the Intergalactic Board of Education stating your opinion on the matter

April 13th 2012

Permanency of the course CIS 0835

Dear the chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education

As a heard that the IBE is asking for each student’s opinion about the permanency of the course CIS 0835、here in this letter I would like to reveal my opinion and support my decision.

First of all、in my opinion after taking the course、it is essential that this course continues further semesters.I would like to support my opinion by giving three main reasons.

By taking this course students will be able to:

1)be more creative

2)earn knowledge about technology

3) increase its communication skills

First high levels of creativity is essential for a student who is preparing to enter the work member society after graduating.Most common courses are based on lectures、readings and essays.Some contain presentations and group projects.But this course goes beyond that.Have you ever heard of the DS106 ? if not、let me explain it briefly.This site is an open online course where anyone can freely enter and exit the course.This site provides assignments and daily create works that allows the student to use its creativity to create something and present it to other people.My experience of using this site tells me that this helped me to improve my creativity while editing pictures in my own way or mashup music or videos.Also、it helped me how to describe a particular topic through just one single picture.For example、if the daily create tells you to take a photo of something that makes you happy、there is million of ways how you can depict that and by processing it you are getting more and more creative.This is something that is difficult to obtain in other courses.It is a unique way of having higher level of creativity and this is important when you go into the work force.Expressing yourself is not something easy so this will be a great opportunity for students to put that in practice.

Second、most of students have access to the Internet and have a laptop or computer at home.Well、having access and knowing how to use the computer does not necessarily mean that has a well understanding and knowledge of what is the technology they are using.I have been using the computer since when I was 9 years old.It has been 10 years of using it and now by taking this course I can say to myself that I have some knowledge about it.Technology is advancing and for future students it will be an essential tool for education.Therefore、it is really important not just to know how to use the Internet but also to have some basic knowledge of its history and be aware what are the issues that the Internet is facing or has faced.In this course you can also see how the society is being affected by the social networking.Recently、the video of Joseph Koney 2012 a campaign by an NGO to captured Kony、was a good example of how the social media influence people and can be widespread all over the word just by clicking share on Facebook or follow on Twitter.It is important to have knowledge about the dangerous side of this technology.Hacker、Copyright、Malicious Viruses and there is more things that people tend to pay attention and by taking this course、a student will be able to have a picture of what is going on on the Internet.As a user of a computer and as each day people depend more on this technology、it is obvious that a student will need a well understanding and basic knowledge to catch up with the technology.

Third、and final reason is very important especially for people who are building its personality.There are many opportunities in other courses to interact with people and chance to do a group project.However、in this course people not only people will have more chances to interact with other students、but also、they will have the opportunity to communicate with people from other universities and share ideas.Presentations in this course are unique too.We had normal presentation working in groups and presenting to everybody.But we also had a individual presentation with few audience.This was a totally different experience for me as being an audience、you can focus more on the topic.What I like about this is that you can easily get to explain well more to your audience and they can comment about it easily too.It becomes similar like a discussion and that helps students to improve their communication skills.What’s more、by blogging or tweeting you can learn how to express your opinions and by reading other people’s posts、you learn how to improve them to become a better storyteller.Having a good communication skill is strongly recommended for student’s futures.This is because most of us will likely to work with people and if you decide to enter a large company the number of people you will have to communicate becomes larger and larger.Therefore、it is a good chance to improve your skills.

For this reasons、I strongly recommend that the course CIS 0835 should continue as it is a good way to start getting involve with the technology and a place where a student can improve and show several important skills that is essential for their future.


Midori Shimabuku

That’s how I started 

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And that’s how I am now

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A person who has a basic knowledge of this technology and is already integrate in it.


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  1. lockmantuj
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 11:19:22

    I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for giving the matter such thoughtful consideration.


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