Children’s Book ~Cyberinfrastructure~

Assignment: For my second DS106 assignment I was required to choose a section that I never done it before.Therefore I choose the “mashup assignment” because I found the perfect assignment to use.It is called Mashup Children’s Book 


Mashup a children’s book based on another cultural artifact. For example, framing Dr. Who as a children’s book in the aesthetic of a Dr. Suess’s work. See example from College Humor here:

I decided to do this assignment as in the SOS section is mainly about our society’s future with technology.I did not wanted to change the topic so I decided to do something related with this section.And my target here are children.This is another reason why I choose the mashup of children’s book.I wanted to give the readers the idea of this assignment for me.


Google Image 


Cut and put together two pictures

Add the comic effect to the picture


I am going to write about the relation between the picture I made mashing up these two pictures and the article called Personal Infrastructure 


I tried to depict the future of kids as have the control over technology.By control I mean that people will know what is the technology about.They will make use of it as effectively as possible  and will become an expert on it.However to be able to do that oneself need to work on it building its own cyberinfrastructure.The article written by Garden Campbell tell us this.Building a personal cyberinfrastructure is not easy.Campbell claimed that revolution in teaching and learning is happening and will continue to happened.For my understanding、more class online will be a great example for this and this revolution cannot be happened if each person does not build its own cyberinfrastructure.To do something you have to be able to understand it well-deeply and thoughtfully.Campbell requires students to have a technical skills and engage in works that contains social networking、knowledge management and more.What I think is important in this、is that understanding technology and dominate it is far from what I thought it will be.My purpose of using the Internet was to listening music、watch videos、social networking and those kinds of entertainments.However、I realized that I do not even know the half of what is technology all about.To be able to understanding I have to actually get involve in it and experience it.What can you depict from the future above? It can be many interpretations.As I mentioned it depicts the future of kids nowadays.Also it shows how in the future people will get more into the technology and eventually will try to dominate it.Another interpretation that I have not mention it yet、its that it can depict the future of a professional with technology.To be more clear、no matter what profession you are engage in、technology will be always there.Just like I learned about the DS106 there is more to learn and more things to discover.Most of us have access to this technology but our understanding is limited.