Future Learning

My First assignment for the forth section

This time I chose an assignment from the Visual Assignment through this semester I really enjoyed doing visual assignments I enjoyed playing around with pictures and learn a lot of how to use an editing program

As I wanted to do something relating this course and this section I choose the assignment called Show Us Your Dream!!!

Here are the instructions:

Through this assignment, you get an opprtunity to show your dream. Bring any picture that yow want, but the photo must relate something to represent or connect your dream: job, plan etc… It does not have to be a one deream. You can choose and put more than one dream.
Be creative !!

 Well I have several dreams and I would like to introduce the a kind of a dream but I think it would be better to describe it as something I want to experience it

First the process:

I looked at Flicker but could not find any picture that I wanted to use so I went to Google Image and found these two pictures

Then with FotoFlexer I cut the earth part and put it together with the first picture

Story: This was a really simple picture and process however this depiction is exactly what I wanted to say .

I am talking about here a near future rather than a future after graduating from university. What I learned in these 3 month on the class of CIS made me realize how technology is advancing and there can be better way of learning. What I want to say is why not using the Internet to interact with other people around the world to share ideas works and learn more form each other? Just like the DS106. This is a good way of starting. Not only because you can show to your work to other but also others can learn from you can give you advices to improve your work. I really enjoyed doing the The Daily Create because I found really fun to take a pictures of daily things、things that I would have never thought of taking. Therefore I think that the idea of share ideas and learn not only from people in your college but from other college in another country is a really great idea. I would love to take another class that have interactions with people around the world. The video of Bryan Alexander was really influential for me. Nowadays we have Skype Messenger Google Document and many other programs where it has become easily to share information and possible to make any kind of presentation using programs such as Powerpoint or Prezi. Well my main point in here is that for my future I would like to see a global education that allows people to share with other people from all over the world through the Internet 🙂


A Whole New World

Hey guys! Here is my first DS106 assignment for this 3rd section :))

I decided first to go for one of the visual assignments called “A Whole New World” I read the instructions and sounded fun and easy to do it !

Here are the instructions:

“Take a picture of your subject (grandparents, pet, yourself) and put it into a totally different background in which they appear abnormally too small or too large. Think of Honey, we shrunk the kids…”


Step1 First I looked on Flicker a good picture that I can use for this assignment

Step2 Then I looked on my iPhone, a matachable picture

Step3 With Picasa 3 I changed a little bit the colors of each picture

Step4 Then with FotoFlexer, I edited the second picture of myself by cutting down and then put it on the other picture

Step5 With FotoFlexer, I used the effect called “old photo” to give the picture a better look, a old look

and DONE!:)

Story: Here I am going to put the pictures of my process

The original ones





Recently, I’ve been drinking too much capucchino that I think I got addicted to it. I used to hate coffee but I started drinking it since last year as they keep me awake. So usually when I wanted to keep awake all night to study I drink coffe or capucchino. But now I’m drinking it too much that the effect has weaken 😛

Anyways, I love to play around and edit pictures. This was the first time to cut a particular part within the pictuer (in this case, myself) and put it into another picure. It was really fun and so easy to do it.


Midori to ExtraordinaMidori

Just realized I haven’t done any DS106 assignments in a while….:O


My second assignment is from the Visual assignment called Normal to Extraordinary

The instructions  tell us to :

¨Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by side for comparison.¨

I changed a little bit the instructions, because at 01 am (the time I was doing this assignment) no one, no friends were around me, so I just used an old picture of myself for this assignment


First I looked for an old picture of myself. So, I went to Orkut, a social networking similar to Facebook where I have pictures of myself when I was 16 years old 🙂

So, This is the one that I decided to use :

The reason is because, I wanted a picture that shows clearly my face so I can do some interesting stuffs with my face LOL

For this assignment I used the image editor,  FotoFlexer. First I added the patchwork effect!

Then, I changed the main color to green!!!! And the reason I choose green its simple because of my name…Midori… LOL. Anyways, after that I made it colorful even more

Well, yeah I was not happy with the result, so I played around a little bit and when I added the Fresco effect it became cooler!!!!!!


This picture was taken by myself when I was 16 years old. Yeah, I just remembered that at that time, I used to love take picture of myself just for fun LOL

Looking at this old picture made me realized that I haven’t changed that much :O

About the assignment, I really enjoyed playing around with the colors and see how my picture makes an extraordinary changes by just adding effects. It took me less than 30 minutes. Well, this assignment is simple so I could have make it in…maybe 15 minutes but, I don’t know, I think I was so into this, that took me 30 minutes to finish it.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Assignment: Here is my first Ds106 assignment for section 2, the State of Net. To be honest, I was so into other works that I haven’t touch or even look at the DS106 assignment for several days, so I was kind of excited to play around editing pictures again. However, the assignment I choose didn’t required any editation or anything. I’ve chosen to go for the Visualize That Quote from the Visual Assignments.

Submitted by John Johnston, this assignment tell us to:

illustrate/explain the quote in pictures with the least number of pictures required
you can drag to re-order, click pic to swap, x remove pic, – hide pic leave word.

Although, he provided a link to look at quotes, I decided to use Brainy Quotes as I have been using from the beggining of this course and I feel more confident with it.

Process: Very simple process, I had in my mind to use Steve Job a well recognized pioneer, Steve Jobs. Therefore, right away, I looked for a simple and short quote that don’t have much letters such as ‘a’ ‘or’ ‘is’. So I found the perfect quote,


Then, with Flickr , I started to look for pictures that matchs each words. Most of the previous assignments images were found on Google Image , s this was my first time to look pictures from Flickr and took my a little bit to get to know the service. I had some problems with saving images from Flickr, some I did figured out how to save it, but some pictures unfortunetely couldn’t save it so I looked for others that actually I could save. Then, using FotoFlexer I create a frame for each picture and that’s it :D!

Story: Personally, this quote has become one of my favorites. I couldn’t find any official information about what message Steve Jobs tried to tell people by mentioning it. But this quote was mentioned at the end of his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. I read the whole speech from an article provided by Stanford University’News. An in the lest paragraph, I found that “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” was a farewell message from the Whole Earth Catalog. The Whole Earth Catalog, also known as the “Bible of Steve Jobs”, was published twice a your between 1968-1972, (also, occasionally from 1972-1998). with independent and countercultural that aimed to provide education and access, through a listing of resources and tools within a critical and ecological future of Earth and humanity. After mentioning the quote, Steve Jobs ended his speech by saying : And I have always wished that for myself. ANd now, as you graduate to begin a new, I wish that for you. 

My interpretation of this quote is as follow :

Always remain hungry for what you really want, meaning that keep wanting stuffs and become a fool in order to achieve what you want meaning that never think that you know enough.

So, what is your interpretation?

Alan Kay 106 Horror

Assignment:Here is my third DS 106 assignment. This time I did a Visual assignment called “106 Horror!” Sound pretty interesting, and I thought by doing this assignment I will be able to play around with  programs and learn more about them. This assignment submitted by CogDog tell us to:

create or modify an image of the number 106 that is in the genre of a horror movie.Make 106 seem scary and ominous

We are almost ending this Pioneer section, so I decided to use one of the Pioneers for this assignment and after looking at each of them, I found a picture of Alan Kay which I thought will match for this assignment

Process: As always I used Google image research to look for a matchable image.

 The picture above was the original image 

 My next step was how to combined Alan Kay and the number 106 making it  look horror. For this work I mainly used Aviary, and FotoFlexer . It was my first time to use FotoFlexer which I founded by typing image editing in Google. It was similar to Aviary in a way that you do not need to download it’s not too complicated to use it. This program have amazing tools, colors and effects so I recommend people to use it.  Especially, people that are stuck with other edit programs.

With Aviary I added the letters and numbers using a font that will give an horror impression. After playing with it for about 20 minutes I ended up having a pretty scary image. After I started to look for new programs and I found FotoFlexer. I just downloaded the image that I had already and start to try some amazing tools that they have. I used ink splotches because I thought it will give more horror to my image.

This time surprisingly took me only 30 minutes which shows that each time I complete an assignment, I am getting better of using edit programs

Story: First of all, I  just want to mention that I have nothing against Alan Kay hahaha. I am mentioning this because of the phrase mention in the image “Alan Killer”. Well I wanted to make a horror image, and using the initials of the Pioneer, I realized the K for Kay will give a scary image if a transform it  into Killer. Now, I will give a story of the original picture. I went back to Google images and find this picture. Then I clicked to take me to the page where it was originally.On 28 January 2010, Alan Kay was awarded honorary doctorates by the University of Murcia for his contributions to the development of the personal computer and object-oriented programming. In the ceremony he wore the clothing above and present a speech which I found a Youtube video of it posted below. Sorry I couldn’t find an English version, however from 3:58, show the speech of Alan Kay although it last only few minutes.

in the last 10 years, Alan Kay has received many awards and recognitions such as the one in Murcia University, or one in 2009 from Kyoto University.