TDC Week 2

February 11th – February 18th

TDC 33 -Mathematics :S-

Mathematics :S by rdm1924g
Mathematics :S, a photo by rdm1924g on Flickr.

Today’s Daily Create is to take a picture of confusion

So, I choose to take a picture of mathematics because I hate mathematics and even if I study hard, I end up with many many question marks all over my head

At the moment I read the instructions the only thing that came up on my mind was Math!

I haven’t take any math class yet, although I should 😛 but just remembering how I suffer when I was studying for the placement test made me run away from taking it 😛

Does anyone know how to be good at math? 😛

TDC39 -Karaage Kun-

Today’s Daily Create instructions says to:

“Take a photo of a bird today”

So, today I went to Lawson (a convinience store in Japan) with my friend to get something to eat. When I saw these Karaage Kuns, I thought a photo of them will be perfect for my TDC! So here it is 🙂 Btw, I loooooooooooooove them!! specially “L chicken” :P:P

TDC40 -My Sister-

Take a photo of someone else’s artwork in an interesting way to make it yours

So, this is a photo of my sister’s boyfriends artwork. he gave it to her many years ago as a gift. I saw it at home and liked it so decided to share with everyone 🙂


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